Expand product stock by Using a Slave to attach



- Popular models, install and use immediately for users It's easy to understand because it's familiar with how to use the dialer. Goods have already been paid and received. Function part Others, all can be set internally, suitable for Beginners do business with vending machines ..

- The outstanding thing is the simplicity. Pay with cash and Built-in coin


Optional functions that can be selected  

- Chiller

- Screw size of product      

- Belt tray

- Lift and delivery

Quantity And product type

- Containing 30-60 products   

- Put up to 6 shelves for products.   

- Each layer can fit a maximum of 10 types.


Chiller Adjust the temperature at 1-15 degree celsius

Have receiver Thai bank notes

Have receiver Thai coins

Product conveyor For upright products And increase the number of containers

Lift up and down the product pick up Makes the product not bumping

With a change Only coins

Product Picture