- Slave machine is used for expanding the stock of products waiting to be sold. More 2-4, the machine will be controlled from the main machine, including BigVen-49 BigVen-STD BigVen-32

- The highlight is that the extension can be connected to the main unit immediately Makes the stock expand twice But invest less and can still Expandable up to 3 devices with various functions to choose from like the device - The main such as refrigeration lift, tray, belt, number of floors and Product capacity ..

 Optional functions that can be selected  

- Chiller

- Screw size of product      

- Belt tray

- Lift and delivery

Chiller Adjust the temperature at 1-15 degree celsius

Product conveyor For upright products And increase the number of containers

Lift up and down the product pick up Makes the product not bumping

Expand product stock with Machine model BigVen-32

Expand product stock with Machine model BigVen-49

Expand product stock with BigVen-STD model

Product Picture