Machine can Receive Thai coins Get all


Detection sensor Products Precise and high sensitivity

White steel material Industrial grade Thick 1.5-2 mm.

There is a product screw. Choose 4 numbers 22, 19, 11, 9

Product push button With ring light Various status display

Machine lock point 2-layer hidden





- The Vending Machine is a small, designed For selling sachets or thin boxes, such as sachets - Fabric softener Laundry detergent sachets, medicine sachets, condoms Sanitary napkins, wet tissue cards, etc. With a unique design innovation Makes it easy to refill products And 3 times faster 

Reducing product refilling time in front of the machine. Large clear face In which users see the product in full The operation is easy to understand. Just 2 steps. Just click to select and Coin integration with product detection technology High speed, advanced, ensuring that your customers will receive sure products.

- Features .. Easy to use, accurate, easy to fill. Picking box. Wide, with a twist to choose from Beautiful and modern appearance

Quantity And product type   

- Packing 5 types of products   

- Shelf up to 5 shelves.   

- Each layer can fit a maximum of 22 pieces.

Screw thread size to choose

- Spiral No. 22 all brands, size 5 baht, 1 sachet     Sanitary napkins / tea sachets / paracetamol

- Spiral No. 19, all brands, size 5 baht, 2 sachets

- Spiral No. 11, detergent in sachets, 10 baht     2 piece boxed condoms

- Spiral No. 9 Condoms in box 3 pieces / tissue

Product Picture