- Vending machines that pay with QR or credit / debit cards Select products on mobile Then choose a payment method and press to pay the device - Will process the product chosen by the user immediately

- The entire system works through high-speed online 4G. In addition Online payment The machine owner can check the status. Various online via remote And also supports machine commands Via Protocol or API


Optional functions that can be selected  

- Refrigeration

- Screw size of product

- Belt tray

- Lifting Products


- Use your phone to scan the QR to access the menu

- Select the product by pressing the codeOr choose from images 

- Choose a payment method. Which supports both payments App wallet / ThaiQR / Credit card And debit cards   

- Pick up the product at the receiving channel.


Chiller Adjust the temperature at 1-15 degree celsius

Product conveyor For upright products And increase the number of containers

Lift up and down the product pick up Makes the product not bumping

Pay by Mobile Via QR CODE

Management system Online

Product Picture