- 49 inch touch screen designed for advertising products Or specifically branding The device has complete functionality. Payment by cash and change in all payment programs with QR The machine can develop programs for display. And functionality And with various online management systems, allowing ads to be changed Product images, promotions, etc., making the BV-49PRO a model for Truly professional ..


Optional functions that can be selected  

- Refrigeration 

- Screw size of product

- Belt tray   

- Lifting Products  

- Develop business-specific programs  

- Payment methods



Chiller Adjust the temperature at 1-15 degree celsius

Have receiver Thai bank notes

Have receiver Thai coins

Product conveyor For upright products And increase the number of containers

Lift up and down the product pick up Makes the product not bumping

With a change Only coins

Pay by Mobile Via QR CODE

Management system Online

Product Picture